Statistics show that there has been a decline in entrepreneurship activity in South Africa, owing to a large number of factors. According to the Global Entrepreneurship monitor, the percentage of adult South Africans involved in Entrepreneurship dropped by 34%. The report depicts that only about 6.97% of adults in South Africa are involved in early stage entrepreneurship.


Outside of funding, businesses fail as a result of difficulty finding and sustaining customers, lack of professional guidance, and businesses have too many responsibilities handed to a limited number of people, hence lack of skill and time becomes apparent. Sevcom Consolidated offers affordable assistance in all these aspects.


To consolidate means "to bring together and strengthen" and that is just what Sevcom is about. That is, to bring together professional expertise and skills, combine them with ideas and plans that our clients bring forward; and the result is stronger, thriving businesses.

Sevcom Consolidated is primarily a management consultancy, focused on providing affordable, customised and modern business solutions to clients who aim to be on the cutting edge in their respective industries. The way consulting has been done, is now redefined.

                                        CONSULTING SERVICES

We offer a variety of customized consulting services to cater to various business needs, from early stage startup business plans to services for established entities.

                                       BUSINESS TOOLKIT 

Cut down cost by learning basic business skills to help you cut down consulting costs while also helping your business get to the next level. Check out our 1-daybusiness crash course!

                                        SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY

Sevcom Consolidated believes in balancing business activities with corporate social responsibility. We actively undertake activities that help the society we function in.