Sevcom Consolidated (Pty) Ltd is a black-owned private company that was established in October 2014. Our company is focused on providing affordable consultation and advisory services to SME’S, which generally do not have access to professional services due to costs of acquiring these services. Small and Medium-sized enterprises, particularly startup organisations, have low success rates in any industry, owing to inexperience and lack of skill in management.
Our company therefore has, using innovative approaches to consultation, such as using data analytics, managed to create packaged services that are accessible and affordable to enterprises that previously would not have access to them. We are ready to assist the business owner at any level, starting right from when the business is just a concept idea, to a fully fledged company seeking to grow and develop.

Our value proposition entails
• Value for money
• Reduced costs of consultation
• Accessibility to professional help
• Modernized business assessments and solution
• Customized advisory services
• Continuous business support

“The consultancy was established on the foundational belief that skills in small and medium enterprises can be augmented through offering professional, affordable consulting packages”

-Thobisa Mabuza, Founder and Principal Consultant at Sevcom