Sevcom Consolidated was formed primarily with the heart to help businesses that cannot afford to hire big consulting firms. We believe that SME's can become viable and competitive if given the necessary tools at affordable prices and customized to fit the individual need. Hence our services are packaged into three catergories:

  • Advisory Services
  • Business Solution
  • Support Services

Each category features a variety of options fit to help your particular business at any stage. This includes businesses that are at concept stage to more established businesses that need continuity management.

                                      ADVISORY SERVICES

You do not have to go at it alone!! Sevcom offers professional advisory services to clients by measuring performance indicators such as market analysis, operating models, idea viability, growth projections etc. We use modernised assessment techniques such as predictive modelling, remote consultation to help you chart the next steps for your business.

                                         BUSINESS SOLUTIONS

Business owners often face obstacles in the quest to get their enterprises to the next level. Difficulty in getting funding, trouble with getting customers are some of the problems businesses face. Early stage businesses may need business plans to get funding, assistance with penetrating the market, restructuring their business model etc. 

                                         BUSINESS SUPPORT

There is a continuous day to day process to running a business, including monitoring the execution of projects and plans, daily recording of financial transactions, assessing growth processes etc.  By virtually embedding our consultants to your business, we are your solution to any stuff shortages, while being more affordable than hiring permanent employees.